Professional Support Lawyer Elizabeth Stevens comments:

According to figures published by the Office of National Statistics this month, the overall pay gap has narrowed by 0.5 per cent to 22 per cent.



This is a hot topic!

It is one of the areas of employment law which employers fear the most. Most employers are aware of the potential of discrimination on by reason of

Race, sex, disability

And now

Sexual orientation & religious belief

And soon


It is possible for employers to protect themselves from discrimination complaints by having simple and robust employment management procedures in place that are clear and fully understood by all - including management.

I can draft those procedures and more importantly……

I present training seminars to managers on the legal framework within which the procedures are set, their purpose and implementation.

All work, of whatever nature, is confidentially dealt with by one of the partners or a qualified member of staff and all members of the practice can be approached on any matter or problem at any time.


Tax Accountants


We are principals and not intermediaries and therefore have no constraints on who our customers are, where they are located or the terms that we can offer.

Our aim is simple:
  • To provide short term finance for the acquisition of residential investment properties.
  • To complete transactions, from initial contact to the provision of loans, within a maximum of 5 days and 24 hours if possible.
  • To provide comprehensive support to both clients and introducers.